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Staff Exchange University of Porto

From the 23rd to the 27th of October Hochschulsport Hamburg (University Sport Service) was happy to host the first Staff Exchange and welcome four employees of the university sports of the university of Porto (Centro de Desporto da Universidade do Porto). This exchange intended to contribute to the progress of making the university of Hamburg a place of internationality and for University Sport Service to grow in this field of interaction itself. The main goal was to talk about different experiences and exchange knowledge about work and common structures in both organizations.

The visitors were Bruno Almeida, head of the university sports of Porto (Head of CDUP-UP, Centro De Desporto, Universidade do Porto), Miguel Monteiro, UPFIT coordinator and sports facility manager, Daniela Viera, coordinator for competitive sports and sports facility manager and Catarina Sampaio, in charge of marketing and public relations.

The schedule was tight: Apart from getting to know the team of University Sport Service, the visitors got to see a little bit of the city. Everything started with a tour around the campus, followed by a presentation of the daily routine of the team and the used programs. Colleagues of the university of Hamburg and the university sports of Porto had the chance to have one on one conversations about the work itself, problems and general procedures. Other than that, the Portuguese were able to look at the sports park, the three gyms, the rowing boathouse and the sailing pier of University Sport Service. Later on, everybody was able to get active together at the Indoor-Beach-Volleyball-Center. At the final evening another special guest, Dr. Torsten Szobries (International Department of the University of Hamburg) attend the event and presented the university and its extensive exchange programs. Bruno Almeida introduced the university of Porto with a little speech and some short films.

We've not only learned that the days of week are called 2a feira (Monday), 3a feira (Tuesday), etc., so the week starts with Sunday and no other day then Saturday has its own name. We were able to see that both organizations face similar challenges and very different ones as well. Most of those differences conclude through national circumstances, structures and the interaction between organization and university.

It could be very important for University Sport Service to improve the connection to the communications and public relations department of the university like it is in Portugal. Sport is something that bring people together, activates and mobilizes them. It could play a very important role in external representation of the universities. Simultaneously it can be used as platform for conversations, which connect even on further levels than just sports. Especially this has been proved during the Staff Exchange.

Overall this Exchange was a great success, including many intense conversations, getting to know a lot of people and doing fun things in Hamburg. We are quite excited to be visiting Porto in the spring of 2018.

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